A mobile application that allows you to cook with the ingredients you love to eat

Project Details

Case Study | My Role: UX Designer | Time: 3 Months | Download Full Project Brief

Items I delivered

  • Competitive Research
  • User Interviews
  • User Personas
  • TaskFlows
  • Wireframes
  • Usability Test Results
  • High Fidelity Prototype

Software I used:

  • Invision
  • Sketch

Meet iCook

What is iCook?

iCook is a recipe inventory application that allows users to find recipes they would like to eat based on the ingredients they have at home.

Why iCook?

It can be hard in today’s society to find something to eat, and while eating out or going to the grocery store is always an option, most people have the ingredients at home to make a good meal – they just can’t find the right recipe.


Competitor Analysis

I began with with a competitor analysis to gain a better understanding of the following:

  • The product I am trying to create
  • The current market
  • The current competitors and what strategies they are using
  • What values my competitors provide ot their users
  • Understanding the users wants/ needs

The main competitors I’ve identified for the scope of this project are:

  • Pinterest
  • Allrecipes
  • Pinterest

Based on analyzing these competitors, I was able to identify iCook’s industry, potential customers, and customer needs:

  • Industry:
    • Internet
    • Online social network for food an entertaining enthusiasts
  • Customer Desires:
    • Easy and intuitive to use application
    • Filtering and searching
    • Enter / Exclude ingredients
    • Save recipes to Favorites List
  • Potential Customers:
    • Foodie lovers
    • Avid home cooks
    • Steadfast meal-preppers
    • Hungry business professionals

competitor 1
competitor 2
competitor 3

User Interviews & Personas

User Interviews

For me to understand my competitors more, I knew I would need to reach out to the users who frequently used them, and from this I was able to conduct two interviews with individuals who use my competitors frequently. My objective was to understand the issues they faced, what they liked, what they disliked, and what they thought could be improved.

Insights from User Interviews:

At this point, I decided to redefine my core features by enhancing the user's ability to filter and sort

User Personas

To create successful iOS application it is important to understand the types of people who'll use the app. To do this I created three user personas, based on the user research I conducted earluer, to which will allow me to perform quick testing of assumptions and prioritizing of features during the development process.

Meet Matt

Matt is a highly active busines professional looking for healthy recipes to enjoy with his family. He's short on time and likes the keep his tastebuds guessing.

Meet Tamara

Tamara is a young adult whose just left the nest and travels far for work. She has limited funds and time, and needs to find recipes she can cook quickly after a long day at work.

Task Flows

A task flow is the portion of a task definition that shows the flow of the task; that is, the diagram of the steps in a task. Here I've created task flows similar to a workflow, as a guide through the user experience to accomplish a business function.


Search by Food Groups

Search by Ingredients


User Testing

Wireframes and prototypes were tested consistently and iterated progressively to determine the user flows, usability errors, and heuristic issues. To test I used paper prototypes and created working prototypes for mobile devices using Invision to conduct interactive tests with live and virtual test users. During the tests, usability issues have been identified and iterations have been made to solve these issues and re-tested for validation.

Issue #1: Small Checkboxes

User repeatedly mentioned how small the selected options were on the “Select by Food Groups Page” . Users mentioned that they had a hard time seeing the options listed on the page.

Issue #2: Small Back Button

Users also mentioned the small the “Go to Recipe” Button was on the “Saved Recipes Page”. Users commented that this button should be bigger so it’s easier for them to indentify.

Final Designs