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Project Details

Case Study | My Role: UX Designer | Time: 4 Days | Download Full Project Brief

Items I Delivered

  • Business Map
  • Sketches
  • Storyboards
  • Affinity Map
  • Prototype
  • Usability Testing Results

Software I Used

  • Invision
  • Sketch

Ooup: Udacity Design Sprint Challenge

The Udacity Design Sprint Challenge is a 4 day process (but can be expanded to 5 days) helping individuals train to better define challenges and concepts, devise solutions, prototype, and draw conclusions from user-testing. In this challenge, I worked on Ooup, a scooter sharing company in need of expanding and retaining their customer base. I chose to take this course, because I thought this would be a great learning opportunity to work with others while cultivating my problem solving skills.


Day 1: Map

I was introduced to Ooup and presented a list of problems and concerns the company had with their current business platform, as well as their ideas and future goals they'd like to achieve. My peers and I collaborated on potential concepts that we would to focus on for this design sprint.

How Might We:

  • Bring in more revenue
  • Don’t increase the prices charged to consumers
  • Expand user base past individuals in their 20s
  • Expand product awareness in the market
  • Better position scooters in areas where they’re more readily available to the customers
  • Inform users that scooters safer for users/ market them as safe to use
  • Make sure people understand the benefits of using the service
  • Motivate users to use the service instead of public transportation
  • Make people want to return the scooters to the drop-off/pickup stations

What is the long term goal?

In 2 years, Ooup will be the most popular and comprehensive scooter rental service in the world.

What kind of questions can we answer in this sprint?

  1. Can we make Ooup scooters replace the need for public transportation?
  2. Can we expand product awareness in the market to individuals older than 20 years old?

  3. Can we place our scooters in a better location that makes them more accessible to users?

Day 2: Sketch, Storyboard, & Decide

Here is the concept I decided to follow from the information I had gathered on Day One. This concept gives individuals a glimpse into a problem our users experience and a potential solution we can deliver to our client.



To better identify how I can help solve Ooup's problem, I sketched a storymap of the user's journey and identified Ooup's workflow for the concept I created in Day One.

Day 3: Decide & Prototype

I evaluated other ideas with students and my design sprint mentor and decided that I wanted to move forward with the “You’re Never Gonna Be Late Again!” concept listed above. I felt this was an appropriate choice as it would help customers locate scooter stations for readily avaiable use and reward them for using the product.

Day 4:

The last day of the sprint is about focusing on testing users to see if the assumptions I made were correct. I was able to interview 2 individuals and below I exam how well my assumptions were answered based on the feedback they provided and created a user affinity map to group similar ideas and comments. I then took that feedback and focused on how well I thought the long term goal could be achieved and identified any potential improvements that could be made in the future.

Top Trends

What Went Well:

  • Signing up
  • Locating a Scooter
  • Returning a scooter and select points

What Could Be Better:

  • Not enough product description on the app
  • Not a wide enough selection of rewards for people to choose from
  • More information about the different types of scooters and/or how the scooter looks

What Could Be Improved:

  • Create a more descriptive social media ad that describes the product
  • This description should include how and why to choose this product - but also short enough that users don’t become bored when reading.

  • Have the option to sign up through social media accounts
  • This option would allow users to sign up more quickly via social media

  • More information about the different types of scooters and/or how the scooter looks
  • Create a landing page in the app that supplies more information about Ooup and how it works

  • This allows users to better understand how the product works. This should be something short and catchy
  • Ensure ‘$$$ points’ and ‘Rewards’ are trending/popular options that users will want to try and collect

  • Ask users what they like to create more preferred options to select
  • Give users the ability to create a personal profile page

  • This would allow users to feel more connected to the app and save personal details

Recommended Next Steps

  1. Create Ooup ads that focus on people in different age groups and have more description
  2. Include a better description on the social media ads and on the app menu
  3. Make Sure ‘$$$ Points’ on selecting a return option and ‘Reward’ option upon after returning a scooter are geared towards trends/popular options would want.